In Person Worship

Considerations for Attending In Person Worship
and Group Meetings

Updated 6/5/2021

Please read the guidelines below and carefully consider your personal situation when making your choice about attending worship in person.

The following requests are made in light of recent increases in Covid infections and hospitalizations in our community, which at this time are primarily affecting non-vaccinated persons.

The wearing of masks while in our building is optional, but mask wearing is requested of all persons who are not fully vaccinated against Covid, particularly while singing.

We also request that all persons continue social distancing measures to the greatest extent possible.

We will continue to modify our recommendations in response to ongoing changes in our community.

Thank you for your patience as we strive to keep Asbury a safe place for our members and visitors to gather.

Sunday Mornings

  • All are welcome at Asbury.
  • If you are feeling ill, however, we suggest that you stay home and recover, and worship with us online.
  • Masking will be optional for fully vaccinated people in any setting at Asbury. We request that non-fully vaccinated people continue to wear cloth face masks to help protect themselves and other non-fully vaccinated people, particularly when singing. Masks will be provided.
  • We also request that all persons continue social distancing measures to the greatest extent possible. The Sanctuary pews will be taped off every other pew. 
  • Both the east and south entrances will be available to use.
  • The altar rail will be open for people to come up during time of prayer. Please honor physical distancing. Family units may pray together.
  • Pew items (hymnals, Bibles, pens) will be available in pews.
  • Fellowship Hall will be open to congregate there, only beverages will be served at this time. No food is to be served in any area of Asbury for now.
  • Length of worship will still be 45 minutes to help adjust to new guidelines.
  • Communion will continue to be pre-packaged elements. 8am worship will continue to have communion only on the first Sunday.
  • Items for worship (bulletins, communion elements) and items to be collected (green slips, prayer requests, tithes and offerings) will be placed near the entrance to the sanctuary.
  • Sunday School is available for children to adults from 9:15 to 10:15am. The nursery will also be available from 9:15 to 11:45am.

Group Meetings

While the church is open for meetings the following guidelines MUST be followed:

  • Meeting length indoors shall be limited to less than 45 minutes
  • Only beverages may be served. Serving of food items is still prohibited.
  • These rules apply regardless of whether or not the attendees have been fully vaccinated.

Should I attend worship or group meetings In Person?

  • While measures are being put in place designed to lower the risk of virus transmission in our facility, Asbury cannot make attending worship a completely safe activity.
  • If you are in a high-risk group we invite you to continue to worship with us safely at home using Asbury Live! or Zoom.
  • If you are uncomfortable with any of the changes to in person worship, please continue to worship with us safely at home using Asbury Live! or Zoom.

In Conclusion

We appreciate your grace and understanding as we develop these guidelines with many different lifestyles, needs and perspectives involved. Providing these guidelines makes it clear what is to be expected of everyone. Please also be respectful of those who wish to stay home out of concern for their health. A lack of attendance does not equate to a lack of faith.

Friends, we are not sure how long these guidelines will be in place. There are still more issues to consider in the future, but Asbury should first focus on following these new guidelines so we can re-open well down the road. I know that this is just a season.  If we all do our part in preventing the spread, the hope is that we will eventually be able worship together like we are used to and what a glorious moment it will be.

God be with you till we meet again,

Pastor Erika